In the next release, iPhone 15 will have a 35W fast charging function: Okezone techno

JAKARTA – Ahead of the release of the iPhone 15 next month, Apple’s smartphone is said to have a fast-charging feature fast charging 35W. This will clearly make the iPhone 15 ready to compete with other competitors.

Reported 9to5MacOn Friday (8/18/2023), this support will be present only on selected models of the iPhone 15. Afterwards the presence of this feature will allow iPhone users to recharge in a very short time.

Currently the iPhone 14 Pro only charges at 27W, while the regular iPhone 14 is limited to 20W. To fully charge the iPhone 14 Pro Max at this rate, it will take about two hours.

In comparison, the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra can be charged at up to 45W, which allows users to get the battery back from 0% to 100% in less than an hour. The presence of 35W charging is expected to reach the iPhone.

The charging time offered by this latest fast charging technology is not yet known. What is clear is that last year Apple introduced a 35W USB-C dual charger, this technology is likely to have been used.

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If the rumors are true, the iPhone 15 will not only incorporate a USB-C port but will also be able to take advantage of the full 35W this particular charger provides when not connected to other devices as this splits the power delivery.

In March, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo also said that the iPhone 15 will support faster charging speeds over USB-C, but only with a certified cable. We’ll wait how it goes.

Until now, Apple itself has not commented on the leaks that are circulating widely.

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