Imam Taufiq’s term has expired, UIN Acting Chancellor Walisongo has been appointed as Secretary General of the Ministry of Religion

TIME.CO, Jakarta – Minister of Religion Yaqut Kholil Qoumas appointed Secretary General of the Ministry of Religion Nizar Ali as interim Chancellor UIN Walisongo he replaced Imam Taufiq. This replacement was made because the Imam’s term expired on 23 October.

“The tenure of Professor Imam Taufiq has ended. “For this reason, Gus Men has appointed Prof. Nizar as the interim chancellor of UIN Walisongo,” the head of the public relations, data and information office said. Ministry of Religion Akhmad Fauzin in his statement, Friday 27 October 2023.

According to Fauzin, Imam Taufiq was appointed as the Chancellor of UIN Walisongo on 23 July 2019. This means that Imam Taufiq’s tenure as Chancellor of UIN Walisongo expired until 23 July 2023. However, his tenure was extended until an order is issued to Nizar Ali as Acting Chancellor of UIN Walisongo.

“Professor Nizar’s letter of order as Acting Chancellor of Semarang is dated 20 October 2023. Prof Nizar will commence his duties as Acting Chancellor of UIN Walisongo with effect from 23 October 2023,” Fauzin said.

Nizar Ali will serve as interim Chancellor until a permanent official is nominated and appointed. UIN Walisongo is currently looking for a permanent chancellor. The Imam himself will run for a second term as chancellor.


Besides the Imam, the other rectoral candidates are Abdul Ghofur, M. Mukhsin Jamil, Imam Yahya, Musahadi, Fatah Syukur and Syamsul Ma’arif. Last June, the rector selection process came to a candidate debate.

Previously, Imam’s name as Chancellor of UIN Walisongo was in the spotlight as he was suspected of plagiarizing his collective scientific work titled AkThe Concept of Hilal in the Perspective of the Quran and Modern Astronomy, published in 2015. The work suspected of being plagiarized is M Arif Royyani’s thesis entitled Integrating the Concept of the Hilal into the Interpretation of the Quran and Modern Astronomy which was published in 2011.

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