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JAKARTA – Recently, there has been an uproar over the case of illegal IMEIs dragging a number of mobile phone brands into the country. In response to this, OPPO claims that the products sold comply with the rules set by the Indonesian government.

This was revealed by the head of public relations of OPPO Indonesia, Baskoro Adiwiyono. His party said it always follows the guidelines and regulations of the Indonesian government in conducting business in the country.

He also said that he has continued to communicate regularly with the government to ensure that the technology and innovations developed by OPPO can reach consumers in compliance with applicable regulatory corridors.

“For us, the most important thing is how the technology and innovation that we have developed over the years can reach the hands of the public in accordance with the regulatory corridors set by the government of Indonesia,” said Baskoro.

“Obviously we do regular communication because, after all, for us industry players, good communication between industry players and regulators is crucial. For us it is very important,” he added.

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For your information, Bareskrim Polri has just uncovered a case of illegal registration of IMEI numbers involving unscrupulous civil servants (PNS) from the Ministry of Industry. Up to 191,965 devices were affected.

Bareskrim Polri said it will block problematic devices that were already circulating in the community, of which 176,000 were iPhone brands. This is done to avoid buying goods on the unofficial market.

After that the locked device will be disabled by not being able to get the network from the cellular operator. Thus users cannot make the best use of their devices.

Indonesia itself has implemented the International Mobile Equipment Identity or IMEI checking rules since 2020. This rule complies with the regulation of the Minister of Communications and Information Technology (Permenkominfo) number 1 of 2020 related to the checking of tools and/or telecommunications equipment connected to cellular mobile networks via IMEI identification.

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