I live at work on two new foldable phones, the S Flip and V Flip

TIME.CO, Jakarta – Two new brand lists from I live appears on the EUIPO (European Union Intellectual Property Office) website. Both presumably refer to a future clamshell folding phone called Vivo V Flip AND Vivo S Flip.

Currently, Vivo has a standard foldable smartphone called Vivo Considering that they are both flagship models, it is very likely that the future V Flip and S Flip models will be mid-range models.

Another manufacturer, Motorola, recently launched the Razr 40 duo, the Vanilla variant is a foldable device aimed at the cheaper class. There is also unofficial news that Samsung is considering making a cheaper foldable device.

If you look at the competitors who have a roadmap towards budget-conscious users, then it is not impossible that the two Vivo phones are also present in the existing market.


This seems quite natural considering that the foldable device market is maturing and foldable screen technology is becoming more accessible.

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