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JAKARTA – How to use the Vlookup feature in Excel This is often a question among Microsoft Excel users. Among the many functions of Microsoft Excel, Vlookup is one of the basic functions of Microsoft Excel in the search and reference category which is very useful.

Reporting from Excel class, Vlookup is used to look up data in the first column of a data table to produce values ​​from any cell in the same row in the data table. Using Vlookup, data from one table can be found based on data from other tables with reference to specific keywords. For example, find the names of family members from NIK numbers and so on.

The Vlookup feature mentioned above will definitely make your data work easier. Reporting from, the Vlookup function itself can be performed using the basic Vlookup formula. Before moving on to this formula, there are several things you need to pay attention to as follows.

● The value to search for is called the lookup value

● The range in which the lookup value is located. The lookup value must be in the first column of the range. Example: Search for a value in cell H2, so the range must start with H.

● Column number in the range containing the returned value. Example: B2:D11 is specified as a range, so B should be calculated first, C second, and so on.

● Determination of results. TRUE is for a close or approximate result, while FALSE is for an exact match of the returned value.

Basic Vlookup formula

Based on the above, the basic Vlookup formula for the Vlookup function itself can be used as follows.

=VLOOKUP(lookup value, range containing the lookup value, column number in the range containing the returned value, approximate match (TRUE) or exact match (FALSE))

Example of using the basic Vlookup formula

To be more clear, an example of using the basic Vlookup formula is as follows.



B3: the cell containing the data to be searched for

B2:E7: range of table cells from which to retrieve data

2: The order of columns in the table from which data will be retrieved

FALSE: Look for an exact match

This is the information on how to use the Vlookup function in Excel. Hopefully this will help Okezone readers. (Then heal Sya’bana)

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