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DATA From August 2018 to March 31, 2023, the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology detected 11,357 hoaxes. Out of all of this, the fraud category ranks third as the highest discovery of hoax issues dominated by phishing links and scams and fraud using cell phone numbers.

Therefore, Shopee has also launched the “Fact Check” function accessible in the “Chat with Shopee” section, the presence of which helps users to verify with greater precision the veracity of all the information they receive on Shopee.

Shopee Indonesia Executive Director Handhika Jahja said circulating false information on Shopee’s behalf could be harmful to users. Therefore, they are also trying to provide a special channel for users to verify the correctness of information on behalf of Shopee.

With this feature, it is hoped that users can avoid fraudulent attempts when they receive suspicious information, especially that on behalf of Shopee.

“We know the Fact Check feature can be used at any time and hopefully creates a new habit for the public to always verify the truth of any information they receive,” it said in its written statement.

This feature will quickly and easily connect users to Shopee’s customer service team via live chat which will help validate all the information users receive via phone, chat or short messages.

To access this feature, users can open the Shopee application and follow these steps:

1. Select the “Me” menu in the lower right corner, then select the “Chat with Shopee” menu.

2. After viewing the live chat page, users can select the “Fact Check” category icon located at the top.

3. Users can select topics and information they want to confirm, then there will be related items to confirm whether the information received on behalf of Shopee is fact or fraud.

4. If you still want to get more information, users can select the “Chat with CS Shopee” menu to connect with Shopee’s customer service team agents.

5. A list of topic categories will appear and select the “Check Fraud Information” menu to start a chat with a Shopee customer service agent.

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Several ways of cheating are currently common among the public and can be validated through the “Fact Check” feature, including announcements of award winners, job vacancies or part-time job opportunities, completing missions or events with the lure of rewards, phishing, downloading APK and PDF documents or suspicious links, and so on.

Moving forward, Shopee will also continue to monitor the latest fraud patterns to help users avoid fraud. In addition to the “Fact Check” feature, people can also follow 3C’s tips to avoid fraud. 3C consists of:

The hope is that this feature will help not only Shopee users to be aware of various types of fraud, the ways of which continue to develop and seem to be more real. “We always urge users not to transact outside of the Shopee application or give sensitive information such as OTPs, pins and passwords to anyone, including those claiming to be Shopee employees,” Handhika said.

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