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JAKARTA – The emergence of various AI-powered chatbot it demonstrated how rapidly artificial intelligence is developing in various areas of life. Bing AI chatbot is one of the AI ​​chatbot features developed by Microsoft.

According to various sources on Tuesday (10/03/2023), unlike ChatGPT that first appeared, Bing’s AI chatbot functionality is not presented as a separate platform, but is instead integrated with the Microsoft Edge browser and the Bing search engine.

This way Microsoft users will no longer have to download the application separately. By simply logging in, Microsoft users can access Bing’s AI chatbot functionality.

As with AI chatbots in general, the general way Bing’s AI chatbot works is to search for information, then summarize and provide answers based on the user’s commands or questions.

However, Bing’s AI chatbot functionality is claimed to have advantages in terms of using the next generation OpenAI LLM (Language Large Model) which is said to be able to optimize the Bing search engine to be faster, more accurate and effective, even when compared to ChatGPT or GPT-3.5.

So, how do you use Bing’s AI chatbot feature with the above-mentioned benefits? Here’s how to fully utilize Bing’s AI chatbot feature on mobile, laptop, and PC.

1. Download the Microsoft Bing search engine first

– For PC and laptop users, download can be done via Microsoft Store
– For mobile phone users, download can be done via Play Store (Android) and App Store (iOS)

2. Open the Microsoft Bing application

– For PC and laptop users, you can open the Microsoft Edge application
– For mobile phone users, you can open Microsoft Bing

3. Sign up or sign in to your Microsoft account

4. Click the Bing AI menu button on the browser application screen

5. Enter the Bing AI conversation room

6. Enter command phrases or questions to the Bing AI chatbot as needed

7. To increase relevance, choose one of the three conversation styles provided by Bing AI, namely balanced, creative or precise

Here’s how to use Bing’s AI chatbot on mobile, laptop and PC. Only a small adjustment is needed for each device. I hope it is useful. (Then heal Sya’bana)

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