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JAKARTA – Way of monetization creator content Twitter can be called easy-hard. The users can monetize or generate income by following the instructions as per the directions Twitter.

By following the monetization process, the users will earn income from the various content they will create on these social media. This monetization also invites advertisers or sponsors to use Twitter’s content creation services.

With the launch of the Twitter Help Center on Tuesday (8/15/2023), there are two ways to monetize Twitter creator content, namely Pre-roll Amplify and Sponsorship Amplify.

The Amplify Pre-roll program allows publishers to easily monetize video content on Twitter and make it available for advertisers to use content safe for customers.

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Meanwhile, Sponsorship Amplify makes it easy to align premium video content through one-on-one sponsorships with one or more advertisers.

How to monetize with Amplify Pre-roll

  • Click the video in the Media Studio library
  • Click on the “Settings” option, then “Monetize this video”
  • Specify the appropriate content category in the “How would you describe your video” section.
  • If you want the ad category to appear in front of the video, select “Exclude sign”. It’s best to avoid too many tags so as not to limit the ads displayed in the video
  • If you do not want certain ads linked to the video, the user must exclude them with “Exclude @(advertiser name).

How to monetize with amplified sponsorship

  • Enter your bibliography, then click the “Tweet” button at the bottom of the video thumbnail
  • Enter 280 characters of Tweet text in the Tweet compose window
  • Check the box for the “Monetize this video” option.
  • Update metadata types like title, description, call-to-action URL
  • Don’t forget to choose a package from the “Monetization Program” drop-down menu
  • Users can update other monetization metadata, such as excluding advertisers
  • Click the “Tweet” option to post a monetized Tweet.

In addition to knowing how to monetize content from Twitter creators, users must also comply with content monetization standards. This policy aims to provide security and convenience for content creators, sponsors/advertisers, and Twitter users.

Twitter’s monetization standards include a ban on selling or promoting illegal goods, a ban on monetizing violent, vulgar, and misleading content, and exploiting tragedies.

This is a fairly simple way to monetize content from Twitter creators. Thank you.

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