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JAKARTA – Instagram has become one of the most popular social media in Indonesia. It’s no surprise that many Instagram users are experiencing account issues on their accounts.hack i.e. hacked.

There are many reasons why an Instagram account gets hacked. Starting from fairly weak passwords, logging in on any device and much more. But how to manage a compromised Instagram account? Here are the steps.

– Open the website, then select the Privacy and Security menu;

– Next, click Report something and then Compromised account. Select the “I think my account was hacked” option, then select Report it to us;

– After reporting that your account was hacked by someone else, check your email account to see a response message from Instagram;

– Here Instagram will send complete instructions by writing your account name, full name and password;

– If you have sent instructions previously, you will receive an automatic response email from the support team on Facebook;

– Verify your identity by providing the email address and telephone number used for registration and the type of device used at the time of registration;

– Wait for a few days, probably your Instagram account will be restored and can be found in the search column.

Even if you have followed the above method, you should know that losing an Instagram account can actually be caused by a violation of the rules.

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But accounts lost due to Instagram blocking can be restored with simple steps. To fix this problem, you can follow these steps:

– Open the Instagram application on your device then log in using the blocked account;

– When the account notification has been blocked, click on Learn how to recover your account and then select Next option;

– Then click on Contact us then on Send;

– Correctly enter the data requested by Instagram then click on Send;

– The appeal to restore the blocked Instagram account has been sent;

– Then check the email used to register on IG, if there is a message from IG complete what is requested;

– Please wait for the account refund process and be patient as this will usually take a maximum of 30 days.

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