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JAKARTA – It is very interesting to review how to log out of a Google account from another device. The reason is that the Google account itself is very private and contains various files ranging from photos, videos, email and much more.

Leaving your Google account tied to another device opens up opportunities for other people to check these types of sensitive files. For this reason, you must log out of your account so that the file remains safe.

How to log out of a Google account can be done very easily. As well as? Without further ado, here are the steps, compiled from various sources, Friday (9/1/2023).

– First open the browser on your device, then visit;

– Log in to the Google account you want to log out of from another device;

– Once logged in, click on Start under the Security logo;

– You will then be taken to the Security Control page, then select the Your Device menu;

– In the “Your devices” menu, pay attention if there are devices that have been discarded or lost. If applicable, click Review Device;

– After entering Review Devices, select the device you want to delete, then click the Delete or Disconnect button;

– Confirm again by clicking on the Delete button again;

– Done, your Google account will be automatically signed out of the other device.

Here’s how to sign out of a Google account from another device. I hope this information is useful.

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