How to get past a blocked IMEI

TIME.CO, Jakarta – INumber of international mobile equipment (IMEI) o International Mobile Equipment Number is a unique 15-digit code used as a search tool to find lost or stolen devices.

If it can’t find your device, someone can lock it or access it IMEI number blacklisted to prevent it from being used in support of illegal activities.

As a result, you can stay safe and secure. Blocking your IMEI number will prevent anyone else who owns your device from using your network so you can make sure it’s not being used for illegal activities.

Also, blocking an IMEI number can prevent someone from using your network or SIM card, making it impossible to make phone calls and text messages.

However, someone can access the internet via Wi-Fi so that you can still access the internet to make calls on line or text messages on line.

Reported by iGeeksBlog, IMEI blocked can be caused by various reasons ranging from theft or fraud allegations to violations of the law in a country plus illegal activities as written in.

Usually, there is only one IMEI number for each phone, but dual SIM phones have two. You can quickly find out the IMEI number of your mobile phone by dialing *#06#. By pressing this number, someone can find out whether the IMEI on their mobile is blocked or not.

If the IMEI is blocked, please pay attention to the following ways so that the IMEI can be reused.

1. Contact the previous seller or owner

If you just bought the phone and found that the IMEI is blocked at the entrance chip connection, the best way is to contact the previous owner or the original seller.

This is because the original seller or previous owner may have blocked it on purpose but forgot to call the network operator to unblock it before selling or sharing it.


However, one must also be careful and do some research before buying a portable cell phone. Always be sure to ask for the original receipt before entering into a formal agreement.

2. Use of Third Party Services

Reported by dealNTech, third-party services are a convenient and reliable way to unlock a phone’s IMEI. One will need the IMEI or ESN (Equipment Serial Number) to unlock the IMEI of the phone. However, someone has to pay for the service.

This service will unlock your mobile after receiving a premium payment. Although it is paid, this service is more reliable and universal and can work on almost any device.

3. Report suspected fraud or illegal activity to law enforcement

Many factors can be responsible for blocked IMEI. For example, if someone suspects that someone else has broken into your network and is using it for fraud or other illegal activity, it’s best to report it to law enforcement.

Also, if your network operator can’t explicitly explain why your IMEI has been blocked, report it to law enforcement immediately. This is because the network operator is doing fraudulent actions through mobile phones.

4. Change operator

Substitute operator it is one way that can be done to overcome a blocked IMEI. This is because carriers are the ones who block IMEI numbers, so there is a chance that many other carriers can reset the IMEI so it won’t be blocked.

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