How to get alerts when your personal information appears in Google Search

TIME.CO, Jakarta – Have you ever looked Google and were you surprised by the revelation of your social media photos, usernames, and other Internet memorabilia? No one wants their personal contact information to be seen by everyone without their knowledge. Luckily, Google can now help you with this.

Mashable reports that Google announced the feature in August Google search new feature that notifies users when their personal contact information appears in Google search queries. “Results about you” not only allows users to see when and where their contact information appears in search engines, but also offers the option to remove the page from Google results.

The findings about you are also useful for those who have been, or are at risk of being doxxed. Combined with Google’s other privacy settings and future features, users can take more control of their digital footprint. At least, Google caught it.

How to enable About You results:

Only people with a Google Account can turn on this alert, so make sure you’ve created or signed in to your Google Account.

  1. Go to the About You results activity page.
  2. Click “Get Started” and follow the on-screen instructions.
  3. Google will ask you to add any contact information you want to tag. Users can add multiple names, addresses, phone numbers and emails.
  4. Confirm the information and choose the notification method you want. Google may send results to the email associated with your Google Account or send push notifications to devices connected to your Google Account.
  5. Google will automatically scan search results for your personal information and will notify you if it finds anything. The company says the initial scan may take several hours.
  6. Return to the Results Information page at any time to change your contact information.

How to remove your personal information from Search:

While Google doesn’t have the ability to remove information or images from non-Google sites, it can help users remove personal contact information results from Google search pages.


There are two ways to ask Google to remove personal information from search results:

In the About you results:

  1. Go to the About You results activity page.
  2. Select “Results to review.”
  3. Select the blue box next to the results you want to request deletion.
  4. Submit a request.

Google reviews each request in accordance with its removal policy requirements. The status of your request can be viewed on the About You Results page, as well as the option to cancel the deletion.

Via the Google Help Center removal form:

  1. Go to Google Support’s Removal of Private Content form.
  2. Fill in the required information, including the type of content. Google may request screenshots, the URL of the search results page, and specific search terms used to populate the results.
  3. Once completed, send the form.

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