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JAKARTA – Want to know how to get a girl in GTA 5? read this article to the end. Enjoy playing gamecan no longer be an excuse to be single, because it turns out that there are ways that can be used to win a partner in the middle of the games.

Reporting from the firstsportz site. com, Tuesday (8/15/2023), a game like Grand Theft Auto V or known as GTA5, players can also associate themselves with various non-playable characters or NPCs. It is known that the characters played are able to establish close relationships with them.

These are what are referred to in the game as “boyfriends”, although they function more like friends. The character can only visit his girlfriend occasionally. This type of relationship has no significant impact on game missions or gameplay.

This condition is definitely different from previous versions of games, such as GTA IV and GTA: San Andreas, where players can hang out and maintain relationships with NPCs. Players will usually be able to invite girlfriends to places such as restaurants or other entertainment venues.

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But in GTA 5, the player will pick up his girlfriend and bring her home and play at his boyfriend’s house or apartment with no other activities like in GTA San Andreas or GTA 4.

Dating in GTA 5 can take place by calling the character of the girl. It turns out that players can get their contact number instantly without having to go through random events or side quests.

Here, Okezone summarizes the answer to the question: how do you get a girl in GTA 5?

  1. Visit a nightclub with a neon sign outside
  2. Approach the NPC and press the Right Bumper Button (RB) to start a conversation. You can also press the Left Bumper Button (LB) to tease them.
  3. Continue the conversation by choosing the appropriate answer. Finally, you’ll have the option to ask if they want to go home with you.
  4. If they agree, the screen will go black and the next morning you will wake up in your character’s house with your new boyfriend.
  5. To visit the girlfriend, go to her house which will be marked on the map. Then press the hint button that appears in front of the door. You can also call them on their mobile and select the “Invite to Hangout” option.
  6. You can also gift items to your girlfriend by selecting the “Gift” option during interaction.

One thing to keep in mind is that your character’s relationship with his girlfriend can affect the game. Like their behavior and dialogue during the mission. Characters may also leave their female friends if they rarely visit or interact with them.

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