How to fix GTA San Andreas cannot be opened on PC: Okezone techno

JAKARTA – Have you ever wanted to play GTA San Andreas, but usually the game doesn’t appear immediately on your PC screen after opening it?

Being a fairly lightweight video game to play on PC nowadays, there are times when some users still find the game unable to open or forced to stop.

This case often causes your mood to play to decrease because you have to find a way to play again. You no longer have to worry and search many ways in different sources, because here we have summarized from various sources how to fix GTA San Andreas unable to open on PC.

Here’s how to fix GTA San Andreas not opening on PC

1. Make sure you have updated the graphics driver to the latest version on your PC to resolve compatibility issues on your PC.

2. Remove any applications or programs running in the background that are unnecessary so that the game can run optimally. Because this may result in the game being forced to close.

3. Make sure you have cleaned out your trash and cache files.

4. Change the graphics settings by reducing the resolution and details of the game so that it does not force it to close during gameplay.

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5. Use the original version of the GTA San Andreas game which can be obtained on Steam.

6. Reinstall the GTA San Andreas game, as the game files may be damaged or missing.

7. If you still can’t, you can try the solution provided by the developer of GTA San Andreas game by searching the latest information on the developer’s official website.

You can use various methods to overcome the inability to open GTA San Andreas on PC. Also make sure your PC meets the requirements to run GTA San Andreas. It is possible that you cannot open the game because there is a problem with your PC hardware. (Taja Aurora Bianca)

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