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DEAR finding the nearest mosque with Google Maps may be necessary for many people, especially when the five daily prayers are tight. Indeed, generally Google Maps is used to find the way to a place.

However, Google Maps can also be used to find public facilities near our location. Not only restaurants, hospitals, police stations, but also places of worship such as mosques and churches.

So how do you find the nearest mosque with Google Maps? Here are some steps as reported by various sources.

– Turn on GPS

– Open the Google Maps application

– Search for “mosque” in the search field

– Google will recommend a number of mosque names along with the distance from your location

– If you want more detailed information, just click on the word “mosque” among the various suggested mosque names

– You can also create filters from Relevance or Distance, Highest Rating and other filters

– If you have chosen the location of the nearest mosque, click on “Route”

– Upon arrival, there will be a notification that the mosque is on your right or left. After that, click “Finish” to deactivate the Maps application.

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Next, Google will display a map of the route you need to take along with the distance and estimated time you’ll arrive at the mosque. In addition to the name of the mosque you will see photos of the mosque, review rating, distance, route and option to share the location of the mosque with others.

In addition to using the Maps application, you can also take advantage of the Google Assistant feature to access the location of the mosque more quickly. Here’s how to use it.

– Say “Okay, Google”

– Just say “Mosque”

– Click on the recommendation for the nearest mosque. A photo of the mosque and its route will be displayed

– Click on the word “Route”, the Google Assistant will also show the distance traveled and the route you need to travel

– click “Start” and you just have to follow the blue line until you reach the mosque you are heading to

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