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JAKARTA – Tricks on how to find out Wifi being hacked by other people is very valuable information right now. Especially for WiFi users who are very regular.

Because if the connection Internet experiencing problems likely due to user overload. Well, it could be that your WiFi has been hacked. So how do you know if someone else has hacked your WiFi?

About 79% of home WiFi networks use weak passwords. It is therefore very vulnerable to burglary. Compromised WiFi networks lead to data theft, malware infections, and espionage.

Here’s how to find out if someone else’s WiFi has been hacked, according to AURA, Thursday (08/31/23), so that knowledge can be shared.

1. Find an unknown IP address

Log in to the router interface and check the IP address regularly. If you see an unknown IP address it is very likely that a hacker has accessed the router.

2. Slow Internet speed

The Internet is not as fast as before, perhaps because an intruder has entered the network. The more people use the internet, the less bandwidth is available for online browsing.

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3. There is strange activity in the browser

The next way to find out if someone else has hacked your WiFi is when you visit a website and are automatically redirected to another site. Hackers may have infiltrated routers and changed Domain Name System (DNS) settings.

4. Receiving ransomware messages

Ransomware is a type of malware that threatens victims by blocking certain access. WiFi hackers can find sensitive information, data or photos from your device.

They can use it to blackmail their victims. Therefore, if you receive a ransomware message, it is possible that your WiFi network has been hacked.

5. Change password

Hackers can change login credentials after hacking into a router. This makes it difficult for users to access the network and change settings.

Here’s what to do if someone else hacks your WiFi:

  • Reset the router to factory settings
  • Do a force scan on your router if you think someone else has hacked your WiFi. This is different from the normal reset button. Factory reset can remove certain malware and ransomware.
  • Changing your Wi-Fi password
  • Change the old credential password immediately. Changing your password means hackers can’t get back in and change your router. Avoid weak passwords that are easy for hackers to guess.

Here’s how to find out if someone else’s WiFi has been hacked and how to fix it. Thank you.

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