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JAKARTA – How to do yearbook challenge Lately it has been sought after by active social media users. There isn’t a day that goes by without a trend in the world of social media going viral across the globe. This time it’s the turn of the AI ​​yearbook challenge trend which can be achieved simply by using a photo editing application.

The application you use can give you an idea of ​​what you looked like as a popular kid, in a school yearbook photo from the 90s. This trend is widely used by users of social media like Instagram, who compete in uploading nostalgic-looking yearbook photos, in various styles.

So how do you create a yearbook challenge that’s currently viral? Follow these simple steps.

How to do a yearbook challenge

1. Download the EPIK app available on iOS and Android;

2. Select the “AI Yearbook” option and click “Try Now”;

3. Upload 8-12 selfie photos with various angles;

4. Select the gender you want as the result;

5. Continue with the payment options, standard IDR 69 thousand which will be processed within 24 hours, or Express IDR 99 thousand which will be processed within two hours;

6. Pilih “Create Yearbook Images”;

7. Edit with frames and filters as needed;

8. Then select “Process” and wait until there are 60 photos.

This is an easy way to follow the yearbook challenge trend that is currently viral. When choosing a photo, make sure your face is visible and in good lighting, to produce a good 90s style yearbook photo.

However, due to the increase of people using this application at the same time, long queues have arisen to process photos. And for those of you who are about to join this trend, you should get a notification to try again in a moment. (Taja Aurora Bianca)

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