How to Check Latest Smartfren 2023 Numbers Only Using a Mobile Phone

TIME.CO, JakartaFor those of you Smartfren users, you may have forgotten which mobile number you used. Actually, this situation can be overcome through several ways to check the latest Smartfren number for 2023. This method is useful when the user forgets the Smartfren number that he is using.

How to check the number Smartfren the last one is an important piece of information that Smartfren number users need to know. So when a number is lost or forgotten to be registered, users of the Smartfren provider should not be confused about how to check it. So, here are some ways to check the latest 2023 Smartfren numbers that you can do.

How to check Smartfren number 2023

1. How to check Smartfren number via Dial Up

The first way to easily check Smartfren numbers is via dial-up. To do this, refer to the following steps.

  • Open the calls menu on your mobile phone
  • Press *999# then click OK or YES to place the call
  • Wait a moment
  • Subsequently, information will appear on the mobile phone screen in the form of a Smartfren number together with the remaining credit and the active period

2. How to verify your Smartfren number via the MySF application

How to check the next Smartfren number can be done via the MySF application. But before checking the number through the MySF application, make sure you have downloaded MySF from the Play Store or App Store first. Here’s how to use it.

  • Open the downloaded MyIM3 application
  • Log in with the account that was created
  • After logging in, you can immediately get the information you need on the home screen, such as number information, remaining credit balance and Internet quota application

3. How to check Smartfren browser number

If your Smartfren number is connected to a Smartfren modem device, you can check it via a browser. But first, make sure that your number has been connected to the previous Smartfren modem network. That’s how.

  • Open the browser on your mobile phone
  • Then access the 192.168.11 site in your browser
  • Enter username: administrator
  • Then also enter the password: admin
  • Wait a few moments and the Smartfren number information will be obtained

4. Check the Smartfren number by phone

The next way to check your Smartfren number is to make a call or call someone nearby. This is also the easiest way to verify your Smartfren number because the number will immediately appear on the mobile phone of the person you are calling via phone call.


But make sure you have enough credit to make calls. Once the number is visible, it is important to write down and save the number so that it is not lost.

5. How to check Smartfren numbers via SMS

You can also check your Smartfren number via SMS. This method is the fastest way to find out the Smartfren number, provided that your SIM card is still in the mobile. That’s how.

  • Open your mobile phone’s SMS menu
  • Type “VERIFY”
  • Then send it to 995
  • Wait a few moments and information about your Smartfren number will be displayed

6. How to verify Smartfren numbers via Call Center

You can also verify your number through the Call Center. This method is also the most efficient way to check Smartfren numbers. The trick is as follows.

  • Open the calls menu on your phone
  • Dial the Call Center number at 888
  • After that you just have to follow all the instructions indicated by the operator

This is information on how to check the latest Smartfren number 2023 easily. We hope this can help you to check your forgotten or lost Smartfren number.


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