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JAKARTA – How to buy electric tokens at midnight is quite simple. You no longer need to go to the nearest convenience store to buy electric tokens, and the convenience store is not necessarily open 24 hours a day.

When you work late at home or sleep soundly, your electricity suddenly cuts out because your token runs out. This will definitely hamper your activities and make you wake up in the middle of the night. This may happen because you keep delaying charging your tokens when the alarm sound reminds you that your electricity tokens are running low.

Don’t worry about running out of electric tokens in the middle of the night, because you can use digital wallets and e-commerce to purchase tokens. Just use a smartphone device, your electricity will turn on immediately after charging.

So how do you buy electricity tokens at midnight? Here are several ways from various sources that can be chosen to buy electric tokens at 12:00.

Fill out tokens via PLN Mobile

1. Download the PLN Mobile application via Playstore or Appstore on your mobile phone;

2. Register using your mobile number or email;

3. Click on the “Tokens and Payments” menu;

4. Enter customer ID, then add customer ID;

5. Click the “Buy Token” menu then select the desired denomination;

6. Choose a payment method via m-banking or your digital wallet;

7. Then wait for the credit voucher to arrive.

Top up tokens via Mobile Banking

1. Open your mobile banking application;

2. Select the other transaction menu you want to select;

3. Select a top-up voucher;

4. Then click more and select PLN Prepaid;

5. Enter the customer identification number;

6. Select the nominal voucher and make the payment;

7. If successful, the electricity token number details will appear on your receipt.

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Top up tokens via digital wallet

1. Open the e-commerce application that provides the electricity tokens, then select the menu relating to electricity payments;

2. Enter your customer ID;

3. Next there will be details that will appear automatically if the customer number is correct;

4. Select the payment method you want to use;

5. The system will immediately process the payment via token and send a notification of successful payment;

6. You will then receive an email containing your PLN electricity token number.

This is what you can do if you run out of electricity tokens overnight. However, as a note, there are certain times, i.e. from 11pm to 1am, a limit applies which can delay purchases until 1am.

Therefore, do not delay charging your electricity token until the electricity goes out in the middle of the night, and do so during normal hours. (Taja Aurora Bianca)

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