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JAKARTA – How to buy iPhone15 from abroad has become a sought after topic lately. This is because Apple’s new mobile phone has opened pre-order sessions in several countries and will be available today, Friday (9/22/2023).

Singapore is the closest country for those of you who want to get the iPhone 15 early. As is known, Indonesia itself has not yet received an official sales date for this device.

Furthermore, it is actually allowed to buy an iPhone or gadget abroad. However, users are required to pay a registration fee International identity of mobile equipment (IMEI) so that the device can get a network from a cellular operator in Indonesia.

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Reported by the official page CustomsThere are several factors that determine the IMEI registration fee, namely import duty, national added tax (VAT) and article 22 income tax (PPh) on imports.

The import duty itself amounts to 10% of the customs value. Meanwhile, VAT amounts to 11% of the value of imports. Meanwhile, Article 22 of the PPh on imports is subject to 10% of the value of imports for consumers who have an NPWP and 20% for those who do not have an NPWP.

The public can also enter estimates of the costs they will incur using the Customs and Excise Calculator. On Friday (22/9/2023) Okezone tried to simulate the price of the 128GB variant of the iPhone 15 at 799 US dollars at an exchange rate of 15,358 per dollar.

From there we get an estimated withdrawal of IDR 1,519,965 for those who have an NPWP with details, import duty (Rp. 459,042), VAT (Rp. 555,637) and PPh (Rp. 505,124).

Meanwhile, passengers who do not have an NPWP have to pay a higher PPh of (Rp. 1,010,249). So in total, those who do not have an NPWP have to pay around IDR 2,025,090.

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But keep this in mind. Before making a payment, there are several requirements that users need to prepare. Here are the details:

– Full names of passengers or crew members of the transportation facility

– Identification number of the passenger or crew of the means of transport

– Flight number, shipment number or ground transportation number

– Arrival date of the means of transport

– Taxpayer Identification Number (NPWP) of passengers or crew members of the transport facility, if any

– Number of telecommunications devices

– Type of telecommunications equipment

– Telecommunications equipment brand

– Type of telecommunications equipment

– IMEI of telecommunication devices

Passengers can directly register their IMEI at the International Arrivals Terminal, or they can also register at the nearest customs and excise office throughout Indonesia, resulting in no duty exemption facilities being provided to ‘import.

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