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JAKARTA– Here’s how to block sites Yandex on laptop and Android that you need to know to be safe when carrying out tasks.

Because in reality the way to block Yandex sites is no different from how to block other sites. So users who have already used the site will be able to block it easily.


3 simple ways to watch Yandex

Yandex was initially a search engine born from the collaboration between Russian and Japanese companies. This search engine has been around since 2010, targeting advertising and search services in Japan.

The Yandex search engine can only be used on Android phones. Users also need to download the application from third parties and not from the Play Store like most applications.

Yandex has free access to adult content which can have a negative impact on its users. By blocking the site, minor users will no longer be able to open content that is not suitable for their age.

Reported by various sources, Tuesday (10/17/2023) here’s how to block Yandex site on laptop and Android.

1 ways to block Yandex sites on Android

How to block Yandex sites on Android can use a browser application. However, you need to know, to take these steps, make sure that there is sufficient and stable Internet quota.

The reason is that to open the browser you need an internet package and also a stable internet network so that the browser can open.

The steps themselves are as follows:

  • First, open a browser first
  • If it’s open, go to the settings menu
  • Several menu options will then appear
  • Scroll down and click the Block Site/Content Filter menu
  • Next, enter the Yandex site URL
  • Enter the URL
  • Then click Save to block the site
  • The site will then be automatically blocked
  • Finished

After successfully performing the above steps, the site will be blocked and can no longer be used.

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2. How to block Yandex sites on a laptop

Windows laptop users using Google Chrome can block Yandex sites.

  • Visit the Chrome Web Store page via the Chrome browser.
  • Search for Blocksite in the Chrome web store.
  • Click “Add to Chrome Button.”
  • Select “Add Extension” at the top right, then wait for the extension to download. BlockSite will go directly to the Chrome extensions list.
  • Open Yandex page in Google Chrome or visit the following link
  • When the website opens, click the BlockSite icon in the top right corner of your browser or below the puzzle piece logo icon.
  • A Block Site pop-up will appear in a new window.
  • Confirm the site block by clicking “Block this site”.
  • Finished.

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