Household waste can be turned into an all-purpose, environmentally friendly cleaner

TIME.CO, Jakarta – Jalantara Foundation and re.peat partner in management and usage efforts garbage presenting all-purpose cleaning products and eco-friendly stain removers using household waste materials.

Based on data released by the Ministry of Environment and Forestry (KLHK), during 2022, unmanaged waste will reach more than 8 million tons with a composition of 58.6% organic waste, 18.6% plastic waste and the rest of other types of waste.

Millions of tons of waste therefore contaminate open land and water bodies, especially in urban areas. Therefore, re.peat together with the Jalantara Foundation are trying to absorb household waste and waste to be used in the production of green products.

“re.peat is here in Indonesia with an enthusiasm to play a direct role in the absorption of household waste and waste, introducing and promoting locally made quality green products and inviting every element of society to be able to participate directly in the efforts to promote the environmental movement in Indonesia.” re.peat co-founder and CEO, Sagita Asri, said on Friday, Aug. 4, 2023, as quoted by Antara.

In its manufacturing process, re.peat products use alternative energy sources made from household waste and waste such as used cooking oil which is then processed into biodiesel.

Furthermore, re.peat also uses refined oil which is purified using high technology. The entire process has been standardized and is the result of research conducted in recent years together with the research team of the Jalantara Foundation.

re.peat cleaning product was specially created as a brand to support the circular economy campaign in Indonesia.

Both all-purpose cleaners and stain removers are designed as household cleaners using natural, vegan, eco-friendly yet high-performance ingredients.

Each of these products is also strictly monitored in each production process by experienced experts and has obtained a distribution permit from the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia.


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All-purpose cleaners are marketed in paste form

Multi-purpose cleaners are marketed in the form of pastes that can be used to clean old items so they look like new. It is hoped that this will extend the life of household products so that they can indirectly reduce waste generation.

Meanwhile, stain removers are in the form of a powder and are intended to remove stains on fabric materials and the like. As it uses natural ingredients, both in use and in water disposal, these products are safe for the environment and for users.

Jalantara Foundation Chief Executive Officer Muhammad Amin Cakrawijaya said part of the profits from re.peat will also be used for environmental campaigns, including training communities and community groups on how to manage and treat household waste in their environment.

This activity will be carried out by the Jalantara Foundation, continuing education programs and assistance in waste treatment, in particular spoil as has been done so far in many places in Indonesia.

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