Holding an AGMS, BJB Bank reorganized its board of directors and its commissioners

The new management position will become effective after obtaining approval from the Financial Services Authority

Jakarta (MidLand) – PT West Java Regional Development Bank (Bank BJB), through the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders (AGMS), has agreed to reorganize the board of directors and commissioners.

BJB Bank President Director Yuddy Renaldi outlined the results of the meeting in which the appointment of Ventje Raharjo, former executive director of the Indonesian Sharia Economic Community (MEKSI), as President Commissioner of BJB Bank was decided.

“The new management position will become effective after obtaining approval from the Financial Services Authority (OJK) for the fit and proper test (Suitability and correctness tests) and comply with the provisions of applicable laws and regulations,” Yuddy explained in Jakarta on Tuesday.

Subsequently, on the Board of Directors, Hana Dartiwan was appointed Chief Financial Officer replacing Nia Kania. In addition to this, Yusuf Saadudin has been appointed to fill the position of Director of Consumer and Retail.

In detail, the composition of the new Council of Commissioners and Directors of the BJB is as follows;

board of commissioners
1. Independent Chief Commissioner: Ventje Raharjo
2. Commissioner: Tomsi Tohir
3. Commissioner: Rudie Kusmayadi
4. Independent Commissioner: Diding Sakri

Board of Directors
1. Main Director: Yuddy Renaldi
2. Compliance Director: Cecep Trisna
3. Chief Financial Officer: Hana Dartiwan
4. Commercial and SME Director: Nancy Adistyasari
5. Consumer and Retail Director: Yusuf Saadudin
6. Director of IT and Transaction Banking: Rio Lanasier
7. Director of Operations: Tedi Setiawan

Meanwhile, at the AGMS the company also presented its financial performance for the whole of 2023.

BJB Bank reported a profit of IDR 2,140 billion with a bad credit report of o Bad loan (NPL), i.e. the bad debt rate, which is well maintained at the level of 1.35%.

In addition to this, BJB Bank’s total assets during the period of 2023 were recorded at IDR 188.2 trillion, also an increase from the previous IDR 181.2 trillion.

BJB Bank President and Director Yuddy Renaldi in Jakarta on Tuesday. He claimed that the company’s total assets have grown to become the largest among other regional development (BPD) banks.

“This is a solid harmonization of the cooperation of all BJB Bank employees in helping drive and guide the regional economy, as well as strengthening the company’s existence in the banking world,” he said.

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