His genitals accidentally discovered, IShowSpeed ​​escapes YouTube block: Okezone techno

YOUTUBER IShowSpeed ​​​​​​became the subject of discussion after his genitals were accidentally exposed during a live broadcast. However, after the incident, his YouTube channel escaped the YouTube block.

Previously, Speed ​​broadcast live while playing the game “Five Nights at Fredd’s” on Wednesday (8/16/2023). This incident happened without him realizing it.

Many think that the man who idolizes Cristiano Ronaldo has a wardrobe malfunction. The audience was shocked by the incident, and Speed, who realized it too late, immediately stopped the broadcast.

“Oh Lord!” Speed ​​said closing the broadcast at that moment.

After this incident, the hilarious Youtuber still hasn’t returned to the public. Many fans fear that their YouTube account will be blocked by Youtube. However, the reports tmz extensionFriday (8/17/2023) said Speed ​​escaped this punishment.

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Youtube claimed that Speed ​​immediately stopped the broadcast as soon as it became aware of what had happened. This is what allowed him to escape punishment in-prohibited.

Even if Speed ​​did in fact violate Youtube’s policy regarding pornographic content, the incident didn’t necessarily lead to Youtube immediately blocking the Youtuber. They also allow Speed ​​to continue live broadcasts at a later time.

Previously, Speed ​​was also permanently banned in 2021 on the Twitch platform. This is what then makes many fans worry if their idol should one day relive a similar case on Youtube.

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