Himyar story wins gold medal at IEO 2023, hoping to advance Indonesia in economic sector

TIME.CO, Jakarta – A student of SMAN 8 Jakarta named Himyar Arsenio Kamaka did Indonesia proud at the International Economic Olympiad (IEO) in Volos, Greece which was held from July 24 to August 2, 2023. He brought home a gold medal and the award for the best financial literacy, as well as leading the team Olympic Economy Indonesia won the second overall champion.

The beginning of her struggle to participate in various contests started when she was in elementary school. Before embarking on economics studies, this student born in Jakarta on December 3, 2005 was already active in various competitions.

Himyar entered a storytelling contest at the National Student Art Festival and Competition (FLS2N). You also participated in the National Student Sports Olympiad (O2SN) for chess and the National Science Olympiad (OSN) for mathematics.

During middle school, the son of the couple Usep Hermawan and Dita Komala continued to actively participate in various competitions, including the Museum Quiz Competition and OSN in the field of social studies. After going through various competitions, Himyar finally found the right field when he was in high school, which is economics.

“After trying all the fields of competition, my heart finally stopped on the field that I like, namely economics,” Himyar said as quoted by the National Achievement Center (Puspresnas) website.

According to Himyar, economics is a mixed science. There are philosophical, quantitative and sociable aspects that make him feel comfortable about him. Every day he follows the study method independently by browsing materials from YouTube and various sites.

Follow OSN

His economic journey continues. In 2022, Himyar will have the opportunity to take part in school-wide selection to become SMAN 8 Jakarta representative at OSN talent event. He also managed to qualify and take part in the OSN of Economics at the district / city level.

Himyar later became the representative of DKI Jakarta province at the national level (OSN). His struggle paid off, he achieved a result by winning a bronze medal in the field of economics of the OSN.

“The process is quite long. I just started tapping the OSN in Economics in February 2022 for school selection. At the provincial level I actually didn’t even expect to pass, but Alhamdulillah given the opportunity to represent DKI Jakarta at OSN nationwide. At the national level, in October 2022, I won a bronze medal,” Himyar said.

Towards the International Olympics


After participating in OSN, in February 2023 Himyar was invited by Puspresnas, Ministry of Education, Culture, Research and Technology (Kemendikbudristek) to take part in the selection and development of phase I of the international talent event . He took part in various stages of coaching and selection three times until finally becoming Indonesia’s representative at the 2023 International Economic Olympiad (IEO).

After the OSN, the National Training Camp or National Training Center was started to select 30 OSN Medals in Economics. “Although this first national training takes place online, it is quite energy-intensive, because from morning to evening you have to be able to absorb material and perform various tasks with the other participants. Alhamdulillahfrom national trainings 1 and 2 I became one of the representatives of Indonesia for the IEO event,” said Himyar.

Entering Independence Month on 1 August 2023, ahead of 50 countries, Himyar and his IEO comrades raised the red and white flag to win the second overall prize. Himyar’s win of the gold medal and the best financial literacy award really made him, his parents, coaches, schools and the Indonesian nation proud.

Prior to achievement in IEO event, Himyar had several achievements including 1st place in Matraman district level O2SN chess in 2017, 3rd place in DKI’s Jakarta Provincial Museum quiz contest in 2019 , 2nd place in the RI 75th Anniversary Quiz Contest. Anniversary at Kopassus DKI Jakarta Provincial Level in 2020, OSN Bronze Medal in Economics in 2022.

Hoping to advance Indonesia in economy

Not only that, another thing to be proud of is that Himyar is a student who is currently following the construction of Puspresnas Advanced Indonesia Scholarship (BIM) Group 3. Himyar, who loves the field of economics, is now starting to take small steps, such as teaching his younger siblings and creating a media platform in the field of economics.

Himyar has high hopes for the future of advancing Indonesia through economic policies. “My biggest dream is to make changes for Indonesia through the knowledge I’ve studied,” she said.

At the end of his inspiring story, Himyar sent a message to students all over Indonesia. “The process of achieving this is like running a marathon. It’s not about who runs the fastest, but rather who can survive and keep running in the long run,” he said.

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