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JAKARTA – NFTs (Non-fungible tokens) are experiencing a decline in value. News of the collapse of digital assets used as proof of ownership of cryptocurrency assets has received attention, especially in the world of football.

Going back, NFTs that use blockchain technology to authenticate digital assets as unique, non-fungible digital assets have attracted a lot of interest, including from elite soccer teams.

Over the past year or two, these digital assets have grown rapidly in the world of football. This is demonstrated by the number of elite football clubs creating NFT projects for commercial purposes to earn profits. Club commercial officials and sports consultants at the time even enthusiastically championed the potential of NFTs for fan engagement utility.

Reported by the site BNN, Wednesday (10/04/2023) the development of NFTs in the world of football has indeed suffered a downturn recently. Like scrap, NFTs are showing a sharp decline, both in terms of value and interest.

Report from a cryptocurrency and online gambling website, dappGambl said that about 95% of all NFTs analyzed in its sample, including high-profile projects promoted by athletes and celebrities, have now become nearly worthless.

In line with this report, several NFT projects held by elite European clubs also reportedly sold only a few as the token’s value dropped dramatically.

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Among the football clubs involved in the NFT project is Liverpool. In March last year, the English football club launched the LFC Heroes Club NFT programme, offering fans the opportunity to purchase animated, cartoon-style digital artwork of their players and managers.

Things didn’t go well, the project ended with limited fan support and by the end of September only 6% of the value had been sold.

No less exciting, the fall of the NFT project of French midfielder Paul Pogba, who made headlines when he backed a project called Crypto Dragons, also ended in more or less the same conditions.

It can therefore be said that NFTs have reached the point of collapse, both in terms of value and interest. This is in line with the losses suffered by investors and fans after losing all their investments in NFT projects held by their favorite football stars or clubs. (Then heal Sya’bana)

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