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JAKARTA – Players should be familiar with the various hero RPGs available, especially for those who play the MOBA genre. There are 5 generally known RPG heroes, namely, Assassin, Fighter, Support, Tank, and Marksman.

Each type of RPG certainly has differences from each other, starting with skills, HP, shooting range, etc., including the importance of the hero in the team when in war.


Now, for the Fight of Legends game itself, it has a different designation for 2 of the 5 RPGs mentioned earlier. If generally in similar games for Fighter RPG, in Fight of Legends game it is called Bruiser as well as for Marksman RPG it is called Ranger.

In addition to the various role-playing heroes in the Fight of Legends game, of course, dozens of heroes are also available so that there are more choices for users. One of the hero RPG that always has a big role in the team is Bruiser because this bruiser hero is usually in the frontline and has very high or thick fighting skills and sustainability.

Bruisers who are on the front lines are usually paired with Tanks so they can make a big impact on the team because they have to maintain their bodies while successfully paralyzing the enemy.

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In the Fight of Legends game itself, there are two Bruiser heroes who are really beginner-friendly, namely Rian and Lauren. Each of these heroes has their own advantages, such as Rian having a pretty strong attack power with easy to use skills. Rian is also a Bruiser Hero who was released after Hummer (Assassin).

Next, there is the hero Lauren who has thick blood with her abilities being able to penetrate enemy defenses. So, Lauren is a hard hero to kill while also having damage in several skills that are true damage (she ignores enemy defense) and her damage is stacked so her skills can hurt more. Even though she looks really strong, this hero is actually a hard hero to master, but if you want to learn it, of course you can.

To be able to demonstrate the power of these 2 Bruiser Fight of Legends Hero Recommendations obviously the user must have installed the Fight of Legends Game where this game can be downloaded via GooglePlay, AppStore or via the following link .

There are dozens of other awesome and deadly heroes that can also be chosen and studied. Whatever RPG, Assassin, Bruiser, Tank, Support or Ranger, become a legend in Fight of Legends.

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