Here’s why Apple continues to collaborate with Qualcomm on iPhone until 2026: Okezone techno

JAKARTA – Apple is still working with Qualcomm on the device iPhone until 2026. Although Apple developed its own chipset after no longer relying on Intel, but Apple still can’t balance it with 5G radio.

Qualcomm, which is a semiconductor and software company for various technologies such as smartphones, watches, WiFi and other devices, will reportedly continue to provide 5G smartphone modems for iPhones until 2026.

Apple has long intended to produce its own modems and bring more of the iPhone supply chain to the country. Thanks to its persistence, the company bought Intel’s cellular modem business four years ago for $1 million, equivalent to IDR 15 billion. By acquiring this business, Apple was able to obtain patent rights and expert personnel in the chipset development process.

However, as the Wall Street Journal noted, Apple’s plans to produce its own smartphone modems on a large scale have not yet come to fruition. Apple will still have to depend on Qualcomm to meet its iPhone product needs until 2026.

With Qualcomm’s help, Apple is producing its own 5G radios on a large scale. Qualcomm also expects this software to provide approximately 20% of the components needed by Apple for the iPhone version in 2026.

Quoting from Dedicate onselfTuesday (11.12.2023), Apple and Qualcomm have a long-standing patent licensing agreement between the two parties effective since 2019. This contractual agreement lasts for six years with a two-year extension.

This deal made by Apple and Qualcomm is most likely planned and in the works for some time, considering that the latest iPhone 15 supported by a Qualcomm modem will be launched at the Apple event early this morning. (Taja Aurora Bianca)

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