Here’s how to turn off comments on Instagram

TIME.CO, JakartaInstagram is a free photo and video sharing application. If you don’t want comments on every photo or video you post, you can turn off comments.

When you deactivate comment, all comments currently on your post will be hidden. But if you turn comments back on for a post, previous comments will be restored and people will be able to comment again.

Quoted from the page Instagramto disable comments on posts you have shared on Instagram, you can do it in the following way.

– Tap the three dots located at the top of your post

– Select “Disable comments”

You can also turn off comments on a post before sharing it. That’s how:


– On the screen where you add a caption or location to a post, tap “Advanced Settings”

– Then press “Disable comments”

The way to deactivate comments also applies to reactivating comments. Users can select “Enable Comments” available at the top three dots send You.

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