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JAKARTA – There are three ways to record a video call Whatsapp. This method helps users capture moments during video calls.

Users need not worry as WhatsApp video call recording can be done easily. This can be done through the built-in features of the phone or even with the help of third-party applications.

So how do you record video calls on the WhatsApp messaging application? Below are the steps, compiled from various sources, Tuesday (9/19/2023).

With screen recording function on your mobile phone:

– First of all, open the Quick Settings panel on your mobile by swiping down the Notifications panel twice;

– Select Screen Recorder function, then click Start and make sure Screen Recorder also records audio;

– If Screen Recorder is already running, let it run until the video call ends;

– Click Stop button to stop recording, then the recording will be automatically saved to the gallery.

With the Mobizen app:

– Download and install the Mobizen application available in the official app store’

– Open the application and the Mobizen icon will appear on the side of the mobile screen;

– To start screen recording using Mobizen, users can tap on the camera icon;

– Subsequently a notification will appear informing you that the application is recording;

– To stop the recording process, you can immediately press the Camera icon again and the red box to stop;

– The screen recording process via Mobizen has been completed and the video call recording can be viewed in the gallery again.

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With DU Recorder app:

– Download and install DU Recorder app from the official app store;

– Open the app and grant the necessary permissions to Microphone, File Manager, etc.;

– Afterwards the DU Recorder pop-up screen will provide the option to record your screen when making a WhatsApp video call;

– Select recording option and start recording WhatsApp video calls.

So, here’s how to record WhatsApp video calls. Please note that a long recording duration will also affect the memory capacity of your mobile phone.

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