Hasbi’s history of entering university at Unpad, disability and financial limitations were not obstacles

MidLand, Jakarta – Hasbi Ridla Divine’s deaf condition has not diminished her desire to study. This strong desire managed to take Hasbi to the college level studying.

AND student Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, Padjadjaran University (Unpack). Hasbi is currently studying in the Digital Archives department since 2022.

Before finally becoming an Unpad student, he failed the selection process to enter college after graduating from high school. However, Hasbi did not want to give up. He has taken various courses to hone his skills, from sewing to cooking to social media design.

I almost dropped out of college because of the cost

In 2022, Hasbi will try to enroll in college again. The good news is that he has been declared qualified as an Unpad student. The happy news made his family happy and worried. This is because the single six-monthly enrollment fee is burdensome for the family economy. This obstacle almost led Hasbi to cancel continuing the registration process.

“When I found out I was accepted, my family was happy and supportive. But apparently, college costs are high. “The family discussed and decided not to go to college,” Hasbi said, quoted by Ministry of Education website Saturday 4 November 2023.

Hasbi also contacted Unpad’s PR or PR staff to convey his inability. “UNPAD public relations staff, Mr. Dandi, contacted me and informed me that there was a scholarship at UNPAD,” Hasbi said.


The scholarship offered at Hasbi is Affirmation of Higher Education or abbreviated to ADik. This scholarship is assistance from the government for students experiencing difficult conditions or accessing higher education.

Hasbi also follows the lessons like the other students. It’s just that she uses a device to help him understand what his teacher is saying. The device will capture the voice spoken by the teacher and then display it in written form on the screen. If a teacher’s sentence is not clear, a friend next to him is ready to help him repeat the sentence until it can be recorded by the application.

Sudarma, a lecturer at the Unpad Digital Archive, said Hasbi was able to follow the lecture material he gave in class. Armed with existing equipment, Hasbi can participate in the learning process.

“Since almost all students now use online communication such as WhatsApp, I don’t think Hasbi’s function and role as a disabled student is very different from his friends during college. “In fact, one of the advantages is to be able to record this that is said during the lesson,” Sudarma said.

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