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NO Starlink Recently, it has become a hot topic of conversation among many Indonesian netizens. Because the company owns it Elon Musk would enter Indonesia’s name to expand its network.

So has Starlink entered Indonesia? It turns out that it will soon be launched in 2024. This is supported by an official statement from Starlink.

“Order now to order your Starlink. Starlink is aiming for service in your area starting in 2024. Availability depends on regulatory approval. In each coverage area, orders will be filled based on those who sign up first,” he wrote the Starlink website.

From this site the price of Starlink in Indonesia was not clearly explained, only the deposit amount for interested parties is written, i.e. $9.00 or if converted, IDR 137 thousand.

For information, Starlink is a satellite internet service development company owned by Elon Musk as the owner of Space

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Referring to the Internet speed in the United States, Starlink has a download speed of 66.59 Mbps, an upload speed of 7.74 Mbps, and a latency speed of 62 ms.

Meanwhile, in Southeast Asia itself, Starlink appeared this year only in two neighboring countries, namely in the Philippines and Malaysia. Interestingly, the Philippines is even the second country to use Starlink after Japan.

On Starlink’s official website they announced their presence in the Philippines in February 2023. This happy news was also broadcast by Elon Musk on his personal X account.

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