Harvard scientists believe there is an alien contribution to the universe: the techno of Okezone

JAKARTA – A Harvard University physicist, Avi Loeb recently made a controversial statement. He said the universe was probably created by aliens in a super-sophisticated laboratory.

Loeb said that thanks to the aliens’ high intelligence, they were able to create a child universe. He didn’t even hesitate to say that this creature could even be responsible for the universe.

Loeb said that newborn universes could be created in the laboratory, which is only possible with the technology of quantum gravity, a combination of the two pillars of modern physics, namely quantum mechanics and gravity.

Quantum mechanics is a branch of scientific study that seeks to explain and establish rules about the behavior of particles smaller than atoms.

Together, these pillars provide a coherent and comprehensive picture of the nature of gravity at the quantum level and help us understand the behavior of the universe at its most fundamental level.

In an editorial for Scientific America, Loeb wrote that he lacked a predictive theory that combined the two pillars of modern physics. But a more advanced civilization may have accomplished this feat and mastered the technology to create infant universes.

As compiled by Daily mailThursday (8/17/2023), Loeb is currently studying hundreds of small metal fragments recovered from interstellar objects.

This was done on an interstellar object that fell into the Pacific Ocean, the results of which will be published in the coming weeks.

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Loeb, who is a professor, explained that civilizations that are millions of years ahead of us may have developed an understanding of how to unify quantum mechanics and gravity.

According to Loeb’s theory, it could recreate the cosmic conditions that gave rise to its existence. In interviews Loeb has called human beings very arrogant if they think they live alone. This is because there are tens of billions of planets scattered throughout the Milky Way alone.

“Perhaps paying attention to our neighbors will be a warning that will unite us. Maybe there are more neighbors who are much more experienced than us, and we can learn from them,” he said.

The idea of ​​creating life in a laboratory may seem far-fetched to most people. But scientists have actually created single-celled organisms, and Loeb says it’s pretty much the creation of the universe.

However, many scientists are fed up with Loeb’s extremely controversial claims, which have also been made earlier. Because many people hated him, he made headlines for years.

Arizona State University astrophysicist Steve Desch said Loeb’s observations tainted good science. According to him, science cannot be confused with unfounded and ridiculous sensationalism.

But these denials apparently didn’t stop Loeb from proving his theory. He promised to reveal his findings in September 2023 that spoke of super intelligent civilizations.

“Imagine a cave dweller who visits New York City and sees all the tech gadgets in the form of a lamp that appears to be a miracle for the cave dweller,” Loeb said.

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