Harteknas, Reasons why young people are engaging in online gambling and call for digital literacy

TIME.CO, JakartaOn the memorial day Resurrection National Technology (Take care) On August 10, Garapan Indonesia held a panel discussion on “Eradication Judi online Through Innovation Technology” on Thursday 10 August 2023.

The purpose of the theme brought by Garapan Indonesia is that the efforts to eradicate online gambling are not only through law enforcement but also by inviting the public to want to start developing digital innovations.

This event dattended by dozens of residents, from young to old, at Citizens Square, Cikasungka Village, Solear District, Tangerang Regency, Banten. SinggihTAll right Pyouth of Cikasungka villageTo say there are at least three reasons why many young people, especially the young people of Cikasungka village, fall into online gambling.

Reason firstly because there is no container that welcomes them in creativity. Secondly, minimal knowledge of the dangers of online gambling. Third, it’s hard to get a job. “KThese three things make them take shortcuts in their quest for luck to survive,” Singgih said.

Founder of Garapan Indonesia namely Fauzan Raisal Misri Fauzan, To say The digital revolution is the most difficult challenge of this century that many of us are unaware of. The ability to innovate in the use of technology is important because the existence of technology can have a good impact if we are smart and know how to use it, it can also have a bad impact if we just participate and do not understand how to play it.

Rizki Amelia, Digital literacy coordinator of the communication and information communityTo say Indonesia is one of the countries with the largest number of social media users in the world. However, with a large number of users, it cannot guarantee that users have good quality in using them. One of them is the presence of negative content such as hoaxes.

There are many people who easily believe the content being spread before verifying it or discovering it first. Rizki invite the community, especially mothers, to digital literacy With digital literacy, we can avoid negative content that can harm our personal and social society.


Riyan Hidayat, Secretary General of the DPP National Movements Associationsays there is four principles that must be respected by society, especially by young people, both those who have already played online gambling and those who have not.

PFirst, it must have a strong ideological basis. With a strong ideological foundation, it can prevent us from bad influences from outside. kSecond, have broad literacy insights. With a broad view, it will be easy for us to know the negative effects of online gambling. kthird, skill (skill). Having the skills, it can be easier for us to find a legal job. Fourth, networking. Having a large network, it can be easier for us to reach anything easily, whether it is information, knowledge, experience, friendship to work easily.

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