Gunungkidul Sets Drought Emergency Alert Status, 14 Sub-Districts Fail to Get Clean Water

TIME.CO, Jakarta – District government Gunungkidulthe special region of Yogyakarta, declared a state of alert for drought because as many as 14 of the 18 sub-districts / Kapanewon of the region are experiencing problems with drinking water.

BPBD Emergency and Logistics Chief Gunungkidul Sumadi in Gunungkidul on Monday, Aug. 14, 2023, said that the Gunungkidul area had entered the peak dry season which has enabled 14 wontons to have access to clean water.

“To anticipate the impact of an increasingly widespread drought, BPBD has established a state of emergency drought alert. This policy is valid until September 30, 2023,” said Sumadi.

He said the status determination was very situational because it could be extended considering the current conditions on the ground.

Based on data collected by the BPBD, out of 14 sub-districts there are 55 potentially affected sub-districts. The distribution is in 350 fractions, for a total of 107,853 people. “For the Head of Household (KK) there are 30,526 households spread across 816 RTs,” Sumadi said.

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BPBD can gain access to dwindling water budget


Meanwhile, Wonosari, Karangmojo, Playen and Semin are expected to be free from clean water shortage problem. “The four districts are drought-free,” she said.

Furthermore, Sumadi said that under a state of emergency alert, the BPBD could get extra budget to drop clean water through an unexpected mall belonging to the Gunungkidul Regency government. However, they have not currently had access to it because they still have a budget to distribute the aid.

“BPBD’s budget is still available, so we haven’t asked for additional funds through BTT,” he said.

CEO BPDB extension Gunungkidul Purwono said that this year they have allocated a budget of IDR 230 million to drop the water. The plan is to use it to distribute 1,000 tanks of aid. “We continue to distribute aid to people in need. There are currently only about 65 water distributions,” he said.

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