Google Update ChromeOS, here are 4 improvements

TIME.CO, JakartaGoogle has updated ChromeOS, an operating system aimed specifically at portable devices with a number of new features. In a blog post, Google detailed all the new features coming with the latest version of ChromeOS (M116).

Reporting from Gadgets now, here are four new improvements ChromeOS.

1. Improved navigation in the Files app

With the latest version of ChromeOS, navigation in the Files app has been improved. “You can now search between local files and Google Drive at the same time and also customize your search using the new search chip,” Google said.

2. Improved automatic correction

Autocorrect is now enabled by default for English in compatible apps. Automatically corrects typos, spellings and other mistakes. “In addition to new autocorrect for physical keyboards, this update also improves the performance of virtual keyboards with autocorrect and other assistance features,” Google said in a blog post.

3. A more flexible setup process

According to Google, the updated ChromeOS pipeline now gives users more device customization options and more flexibility in completing device setup, making the onboarding experience smoother.


“New customization options – touchpad scroll direction and display size – help users configure important settings ahead of time, making the transition to the new operating system easier,” Google said.

Additionally, longtime users who are accustomed to ChromeOS will find this change refreshing as the setup wizard is now more efficient and comprehensive. This is done so that most of the configuration they need is immediately available when they log in to the new Chromebook.

4. Improved RGB keyboard

The new version of ChromeOS offers the ability to customize the color of each area of ​​the RGB keyboard. “Users still have the option to apply a single backlight color,” Google added. This feature is currently available on Chromebooks equipped with RGB keyboards.

Please note that the update will be rolled out gradually over the next few days. “Device You may not be immediately eligible for this update,” Google said.

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