Google is developing Maps functionality to make AR content more exciting

Jakarta (MidLand) – The navigation application made by Google Maps in the near future will provide an exciting new experience after receiving additional content features augmented reality (AR)

The addition of new features to Maps was announced some time ago at the Google I/O 2024 event, showcasing several innovations that Google can develop through its geospatial AR technology. Gizmochina’s report, Saturday (18/5), showed that the geospatial AR program has taken two locations as a pilot, namely Singapore and Paris, France.

When used, the new Google Maps feature allows users to enjoy interactive AR experiences on their devices through the Street View and Lens functions. When searching for a specific location, users can find out if AR content is available.

If a nearby location supports AR, all they need to do is tap the AR Experience icon on the Google Maps app and hold their phone to see the immersive overlay.

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This innovative functionality does not require physical presence on site. Users can explore AR experiences remotely using Google Maps Street View, offering a virtual window into distant destinations.

Additionally, Google makes it easy to share experiences with friends and family by providing direct link URLs or QR codes that can be shared across social media platforms. This feature is expected to launch in late 2024 and has been collaboratively developed for six months.

In Singapore, users will be able to take a captivating journey through iconic landmarks such as Chinatown and Gardens by the Bay. Visitors to Paris can use augmented reality to experience an exploration into the past, exploring unrealized design changes to the Eiffel Tower.

That initial experience offered a new way to explore historical and cultural possibilities through geospatial AR.

After the success of the pilot program, Google will likely expand its reach by incorporating more cities and regions around the world. However, specific details regarding the deadline for this expansion remain under wraps.

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