Google develops an artificial intelligence that can befriend human conversation: Okezone techno

JAKARTA – Google it is reportedly developing artificial intelligence (AI) technology that allows users to receive advice or input as a friend to confide in.

Reported by New York Times, Thursday (17/8/2023), Google published a series of AI projects that it is currently developing within the company DeepMind. There they tested a new technology that turns a generative AI into a personal life coach.

There are numerous models under development at DeepMin. It is expected that AI will be able to perform at least 21 different types of personal and professional tasks.

AI is expected to be able to provide advice to someone, such as ideas, planning instructions, to become a mentor for learning.

Actually this technology is already present in Google Bard. But Google is looking to improve its AI capabilities through DeepMind.

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Indeed, it was reported that DeepMind brought together 100 experts with doctorates in various fields and scientific backgrounds to test the response of the tool.

Cited by Digital Trend, this project is actually against company policy which advises Google Bard against relying on chatbots for medical, legal, financial or other matters.

However, this source claims that DeepMind is actually just testing AI and there has been no talk of commercializing it publicly. But with so many advances in artificial intelligence, it’s not impossible that one day DeepMind will truly be accessible to many people.

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