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SEOUL – The South Korean Movie Stars Union or the Korea Broadcasting Actors Union filed a lawsuit against Netflix. The crux of the problem with the demands is because they feel that Netflix has paid little attention, has not provided living wages, and is bad for filmmakers in Ginseng State.

They say that Netflix has benefited a lot from films made by South Korean directors. The sad thing is that Netflix actually refuses to pay them properly. The fee for the film being shown again was also not paid.

What’s worse, Netflix is ​​actually walking away from the Korea Broadcasting Actors Union. They often keep their distance from the union of South Korean movie stars.

“The main priority when entering South Korea’s local market is to establish communication with existing groups. But there is no such thing at all,” said Korea Broadcasting Actors Union president Song Chang-gon.

According to the Los Angeles Times on Tuesday (8/8/2023), Netflix entered South Korea because Hollywood tends to decline and is not creative. They see that South Korea has many new ideas that can produce quality films and attract many people’s attention.

In fact, many South Korean movies produced by Netflix have been hugely successful. One of them is Squid Game, which makes your Netflix pocket even thicker.

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Squid Game is estimated to generate a profit of around 900 million US dollars approximately IDR 12.8 trillion. That’s a stunning number that surpasses the profits of any Marvel or DC superhero blockbuster.

In fact, the amount of money Netflix spent on producing the drama was only US$21.4 million or about IDR 304 million.

“Netflix got a lot of money from South Korea. It’s time they met and paid attention to it,” said Korea Broadcasting Actors Union general secretary Kim Ju-ho.

So far, Netflix has not provided any official statement regarding this claim. It is also unknown whether or not they will attempt to hold a meeting with the Korea Broadcasting Actors Union.

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