Gibran hit by news of fake diplomas, here’s how to check students’ graduation status at PDDIKTI

MidLand, Jakarta – Vice presidential candidate Gibran Rakabuming Raka was shocked by the news fake degree. Gibran is said to have only a vocational school level education certificate. The issue began with an upload containing a letter of statement about equating Gibran’s education to vocational school level.

The letter was issued by the Directorate General of Early Childhood, Primary and Secondary Education in 2019. In the letter, Gibran declared to possess knowledge equivalent to a diploma from a professional school specializing in accounting and finance. In response to this issue, last Monday, November 20, 2023, Gibran showed the media crew the diploma she received from Bradford University, Singapore.

So, how do you check the status of active students or alumni on a campus in Indonesia?

If you want to check whether someone is registered as a student or alumni, you can open the Higher Education Database (PDDIKTI) page. That’s how.

– Open the PDDIKTI website at

– If you are already on the main page, click on search at the top right


– Enter information about the student you want to search for

– Type the student’s full name and university name. If so, the results will be displayed automatically. Then scroll down until you reach the student data section.

– To know the details student, please click on the student’s name. Subsequently, the student’s profile will be displayed, starting from the entry status, whether the student is still active, ex-pupil or abandoned, the number of credits (semester credit system) acquired each semester, up to the study history.


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