Get to know the new WhatsApp feature: voice chats, unlike voice messages and group voice calls

TIME.CO, JakartaWhatsapp has released a new feature for its users. This new WhatsApp feature is similar to existing features in several messaging applications. This new feature is a feature group voice chats or group voice chat.

Characteristic voice chats differs in functionality voice messages or answering machine e group voice call or group voice calls. Characteristic voice chats it’s more like the voice chat feature in the Discord app.

What are the features Voice chats?

Reported by Gadgets nowcharacteristic voice chats it is a feature that will be present in group chats. This feature allows WhatsApp users to start voice chats with other users in groups.

After that, there will be a new sound wave icon in the group chat if the feature voice chats this is activated. When this icon is touched, the user will log in interface or a custom interface and will automatically start voice chat.

In this special interface, group users can join voice chat at any time and start chatting with other users. The key difference with the group voice calling feature is the feature voice chats it will not ring the phones of other users in the group.


However, each group member will still receive notifications push which is deactivated after production voice chats new file in the respective group and the group icon shows a small thumbnail representing the voice chat in the chat list.

Custom interface voice chats will last until voice chats empty for more than 60 minutes. If up to 60 minutes nobody joins voice chats, this function will end automatically. Hence, this feature is limited to group chats only with a minimum of 32 participants.

Different from voice messages, voice chats it will not be saved in the group interface and can be listened to again. Finally also this new feature of WahtsApp end-to-end encrypted or end-to-end encrypted. This means that users who use voice chats privacy will be maintained.

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