Get to know Ocean Young Guards, the Unpad student community that guards the marine ecosystem

TIME.CO, Jakarta – Indonesia’s marine ecosystem is currently threatened by degradation and the climate crisis. The Indonesian people must be aware of this threat, one of which is millennials, the nation’s next generation. Realizing that the conservation of marine ecosystems requires the active role of younger generations, students of the Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Sciences of Padjadjaran University o Unpack founded the Ocean Young Guards community.

This community aims to welcome young people into marine conservation actions and climate change mitigation, while inviting younger generations to raise awareness of ecosystem degradation and threats from climate change.

This community was started by two students of FPIK Unpad, namely Aidin Fitrah Bachtiar and Rahmatryani Aprilia. OYG’s idea managed to win the ICN Conference 2021 Environmental Social Project Proposal Competition at Prasetya Mulya University in 2021.

“Ocean Young Guards is also there because it is based on the student members’ love for the sea,” said Aidin Fitrah Bachtiar, who is also the CEO of Ocean Young Guards, as reported on the Unpad website on Sunday, October 22, 2023.

During its journey, this community was developed directly by the lecturer of the Marine Science Study Programme, FPIK Unpad, Santi Rukminita Anggraeni. Currently the community is made up of 17 administrators and 40 team leaders who intervene every time a project is created.

Aidin also said that Ocean Young Guards focuses on efforts to conserve marine ecosystems through education. The target of the education carried out is generation alpha and generation Z who live in coastal areas.

These two generations are considered representative figures who will be at the forefront of protecting Indonesia’s marine ecosystem in the future. In addition to this, by providing education from an early age, it is hoped that the environmentalist character will be realized from an early age.


“Education is provided in the form of teaching about the conservation of mangroves, seaweed and coral reefs and also about the impact of the climate crisis. “Gen Z themselves are encouraged to contribute directly to actions on the ground to raise awareness of the sea “said the UNPAD marine science student.

Aidin further said that the first action of the Ocean Young Guards took place in the coastal area of ​​Mundu, Cirebon Regency, from 18 to 19 January 2022. The activity was organized to encourage the younger generations, especially in the coastal areas, to have an environmentalist character. There are three main programs for activities carried out on Mundu beach, namely “Fighting Carbon Footprint (tax)”, “Keeping the sea free from garbage (Jalapah)” and “My mangroves”.

The students of SDN 3 Mundu Pesisir participated in the activity. Besides that, Ocean Young Guards members also participated in the Young Leaders for Climate program carried out by Teens Go Green Indonesia. The Young Leaders for Climate program was organized to spread the spirit of love for the environment, while establishing collaboration with environmental communities in Indonesia.

Aidin hopes that Ocean Young Guards can invite younger generations to care for and directly contribute to the conservation of marine ecosystems, at least by reducing the carbon footprint through mangrove planting.

“We also believe that the task of protecting the climate is not just the environmental community’s, but everyone’s task, so that today’s green nature can also be enjoyed by children and grandchildren in the future,” he said.

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