Germany will launch VAR Monitor application for spectators: Okezone techno

BERLIN – Germany, through the Football Association (DFB), will launch a Video Assistant Referee (VAR) monitoring application for spectators in stadiums and for television viewers.

It is estimated that the application will be ready for use in the second round of the German championship (Bundesliga) 2023-2024.

German football doesn’t appear to be short of innovation. Some time ago, they introduced a small camera installed on the player’s body.


The aim is for football fans to see the players’ point of view during the competition. Now the DFB will launch no less innovative technology.

The DFB will reportedly launch an application capable of displaying the VAR monitor screen. The monitor is the screen that the assistant referees monitor for the entire 90 minutes in the VAR room.

This news was announced by DFB Innovation Director Jochen Drees. According to him, the request has entered the final stage of execution.

“We agreed that an application could be a tool for spectators at the stadium. “The idea phase for this has been completed,” Drees said as reported by Kicker, Wednesday (10/18/2023).


“We are now in the planning phase and wondering how the implementation can be successful,” he continued.

Drees estimates that the application will be ready for launch before the second round of this season’s German championship. In the second round, television viewers and fans present at the stadium will be able to directly see the VAR monitor monitored by the assistant referee via their respective smartphones.

This step must also correspond to the innovations previously introduced by the Premier League. Earlier, the Premier League released an audio recording of a conversation between assistant referees in the VAR booth to determine decisions.


This step was taken following the controversy over Luis Diaz’s disallowed goal when Liverpool were beaten by Tottenham Hotspur with a score of 1-2 on 30 September 2023.

Through recording the conversation, it was discovered that there was a miscommunication between the assistant referee and the main referee.

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