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INTELLIGENCE Generative artificial intelligence (AI) is believed to open up opportunities for the emergence of virtual presenters. Through generative AI, virtual presenters will be able to deliver news and other information like current presenters.

This was revealed by Rio Anugrah, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of MNC Digital Indonesia in a panel discussion titled Generative AI The Technologies Behind and Opportunities Ahead which was held at Alibaba Cloud in Jakarta on Tuesday (7/25/2023).

“I’m sure I can, but not now. Later,” said Rio Anugrah.

He went on to say that it is currently believed that the presence of virtual presenters cannot be accepted by the public. This is because the audience is still very used to the presence of real or physical presenters.

According to him, the presence of a real presenter is currently being used as a news validation tool. “We are still used to seeing real presenters. We still need presenters with a human touch. So when you give news, it feels like it’s real news,” he explained.

According to Rio Anugrah, the existence of generative AI is very important for the media industry like MNC Digital. He said that generative AI makes it easier for the industry to create things that users actually want. “Generative AI lets us know what content is being watched and what is being created,” he explained.

He gave an example that currently the RCTI+ application is able to understand the condition and mood of its users. Just by typing the conditions of the application user’s mood, it will provide many services according to the user’s conditions.

According to Rio Anugerah, this was accomplished by partnering with a cloud-based generative AI service provider, Alibaba Cloud. According to him, Alibaba Cloud enables them to provide excellent services which makes RCTI+ much better than the same platform. “One of them is streaming the Indonesian national team when he competes with the Argentina national team,” he explained.

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At the same time, Alibaba Cloud announced an update to its AnalyticDB vector engine. These enhancements make it easier for companies to access multiple Large Language Models (LLMs) to build scalable generative AI capabilities.

The AnalyticDB vector engine can then connect with LLM to provide question answering capabilities backed by robust LLM capabilities. Companies can now feed industry-specific knowledge into their vector databases, enabling them to build and launch generative AI applications in just 30 minutes.

It is known that AnalyticDB has been used to support customer queries in scenarios like text search and image search on e-commerce platforms with higher accuracy.

“With our updated AnalyticDB database, companies can now leverage custom generative AI models using their own knowledge base,” said Feifei Li, president of Database Products Business, Alibaba Cloud Intelligence.

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