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JAKARTA – Garena Undawn will soon release the latest patch titled Desert Fury on August 24, 2023. Coming as the first patch of Undawn after its release, this update will feature new quests and various free rewards!

One of the most anticipated updates of this patch is the new Golden Desert map, a vast and mysterious sandy desert area.

In this map, players will fight alongside Catherine (a character from Undawn) to answer the mystery of the disappearance of a member of the Ravens in the desert. Players of level 70 and above will also be able to immediately try to conquer the Giant Sandworm, the new zombie boss of the Golden Desert map.

There is also a new Rally Racing game mode where players can race their best vehicles on six Undawn circuits spread across different maps. Each track will have its own difficulty level and character, so players will have to choose the right vehicle for each race.

One of the circuits in this mode is the Golden Track, on the sandy outskirts of the Golden Desert. This track will offer the thrill of racing through mountains and deserts. With its unique features, the Golden Track will also be the track for the Golden Lightning Cup event, the newest annual rally event in Undawn.

Complementing the various Undawn characters and roles, the Desert Fury patch will feature two new roles or roles, namely Highwayman and Troubadour. With the Highwayman role, players can modify it to create new vehicles according to their desires and creativity. Meanwhile, the Troubadour role is here for musicians who love punk music and are free-spirited.

The Desert Fury patch will also feature a variety of exclusive desert-themed rewards. Only by logging in between August 24-30, 2023, players will receive exclusive items such as the Exemplar Punk Rock outfit and the “Golden Explorer” honorific.

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