From Prabowo to Deddy Corbuzier present at the UPNVJ, this is the message from the Minister of Defense to the new students

TIME.CO, Jakarta – Ministry of Defense Prabowo Subianto Remind students to get the best education possible. He said the country, the nation and the people were waiting for the dedication of the nation’s successors.

Prabowo said this in front of new students of Jakarta Veterans National Development University (UPNVJ) at the Introduction to New Student Campus Life (PKKMB) at Jakarta Veterans National Development University (UPNVJ) 2023.

Prabowo explained that this service can be provided by students, one of which is with study discipline until they finally get a degree.

“The state, the nation and the people are waiting for your service,” said the Indonesian defense minister, quoted by the official broadcast of the defense ministry in Jakarta on Wednesday, August 9, 2023.

Prabowo said the students had a great responsibility because they were the next generation who would determine the fate of the nation in the future.

Therefore, Prabowo again advised students to become the next generation who work hard to gain knowledge, be disciplined, and have a strong will and determination to move the nation forward.

“Be the son of a nation that is beneficial to yourself, your parents and the nation of your country,” Prabowo told students at UPN Jakarta.


At the same event, Prabowo also presented documentary footage of Indonesia during the colonial period and the struggle for independence.

Prabowo said the video served to remind students that independence and freedom from invaders was the result of struggle and sacrifice.

PKKMB is a routine activity organized by the university to welcome new students. UPN Jakarta in this year’s PKKMB event raised the theme “Synergy to Achieve Achievements for Advanced Indonesia”.

The event was attended by the Chairman of the Defense Potential Development Foundation, Major General TNI (Purn.) Musa Bangun and the Head of the Education and Training Agency of the Ministry of Defense, General Tandyo Budi R., then Deddy Corbuzier was also there.

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