Freeport Indonesia opens specific job offers for recent graduates, looking for candidates from 38 majors

TIME.CO, Jakarta – PT mining company Free port Indonesia (PTFI) opens special job offers for fresh graduate or recent graduates. Entry into this well-known company in Mimika Regency, Papua Province is open to Indonesia’s best sons and daughters until October 14, 2023. Registration is done online via

PTFI works to market concentrates containing copper, gold and silver worldwide, especially to domestic copper smelters, namely PT Smelting. The Fresh Graduates Program (FGP) was held with the aim of opening up job opportunities to Indonesians who have just graduated.

FGP Applicant Requirements

Before you decide to apply for PT Freeport Indonesia’s Fresh Graduate program, make sure all the requirements have been met. What are the requirements?

1. Indonesian sons and daughters, especially Papuans with a D4, bachelor’s or master’s degree from universities in Indonesia or abroad in their chosen field of study
2. Have a minimum grade point average of 2.8 on a 4.0 scale
3. No more than 2 years after graduation
4. Have limited work experience (0-2 years)
5. Available to be deployed in the PTFI operational area in Papua.

Major requests

PTFI seeks candidates with qualifications in 37 majors from tertiary institutions. Here are the details.


1. Accounting
2. Actuarial
3. Anthropology/Sociology
4. Architectural engineering
5. Biology
6. Business administration
7. Business development
8. Chemistry/Chemical Engineering
9. Civil engineering
10. IT
11. Development Studies
12. Economy
13. Electronic Technique
14. Epidemiology
15. Finance/Fiscal/Taxation
16. Geology
17. Geophysics
18. Industrial Engineering
19. Computer Engineering
20. Information systems
21. IT
22. Instrumentation Engineering
23. International relations
24. Law
25. Management
26. Mechanical engineering
27. Metallurgical engineering
28. Mining Engineering
29. Marine Engineering Transportation Management System
30. Naval techniques
31. Political science
32. Psychology
33. Public health
34. Public relations
35. Safety, Health and Environment
36. Social sciences
37. Statistics
38. Transport and logistics

PTFI underlines that only candidates who meet the requirements will be contacted by the company for the subsequent selection phase.

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