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SAN FRANCISCO – Several former Twitter employees are said to have sued X. As a result, Elon Musk’s social media is currently facing 2,200 arbitration claims.

Reporting from mint, Monday (9/4/2023), a former senior network engineer who worked for Twitter for a long time, Chris Woodfield, filed a lawsuit. He is an employee working at Twitter’s Seattle office.

Woodfield claims that Musk promised, but failed to pay his severance pay and even delayed alternative dispute resolution by failing to pay fees required for the JAMS arbitration system.

Attorney X argued that the company did not require its employees to resolve issues through arbitration and therefore should not be forced to pay much of the filing fees.

Meanwhile, Woodfield and other former employees are trying to opt out of arbitration and take their cases to court.

For your information, the fee for initiating a dispute between two parties is 2,000 US dollars (30.4 million rupees), while for cases based on clauses or agreements constituting conditions of employment, employees are required to pay only 400 US dollars (30.4 million rupees). 6 million).

Whereas JAMS decided to apply a base fee to 2,200 adverse arbitrations

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The report notes that, similar to the Woodfield case, X Corp was sued in a class action lawsuit filed in federal court in San Francisco, the case being Ma v. Twitter, Northern District of California (No. 3:23-cv-3301).

Former Twitter employees alleged that X/Twitter delayed at least 891 arbitration cases by failing to pay required filing fees after forcing them to agree to arbitrate their disputes in exchange for severance pay.

Recently, the US Department of Justice sued another Elon Musk-led company, SpaceX, for alleged hiring discrimination against refugees and people seeking or obtaining asylum.

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