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FORMER United States (USA) intelligence official David Grusch made a scene, because he said that the United States (USA) was covering up the existence of UFOs. He also stated that the existence of aliens is also a concern of the US government.

Reporting from Sky News, Grusch said non-human biological elements were found at the site of a plane crash. He also believes that the US government, in addition to being passionate about hiding UFO-related information, also has non-human vehicles.

Grusch’s confession began when he was asked several questions by the US parliament about the existence of UFOs. When asked about the plane crash he investigated, Grusch said he found a rather strange biological element.

Questions were then asked again to confirm whether or not the biological elements came from humans. Grusch then replied that it was not from humans. The answer he got was based on an expert’s account that he kept secret.

However, from the outset Grusch himself did not mention non-human terms such as aliens or extraterrestrials. He only emphasized that the US government had been involved in the UFO program and had always kept all information about it from the public.

“This program has been going on for decades and has been covered up by the United States. It is likely that the United States has known about ‘non-human’ activity since the 1930s,” he said.

In addition to Grusch, two other witnesses who were former US Navy officers, namely former fighter pilot Ryan Graves and Navy Commander David Fravor, also explained that they have managed to see UFOs in recent years.

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Graves said he and his colleagues had seen a strange cube-shaped object with a dark gray color inside a transparent sphere. He said the size was very large, to the point of being similar to the size of a football field.

“This thing lasted about 45 seconds or so before shooting over the mountain. There was a similar incident within 24 hours later in the night,” he said.

Meanwhile, Fravor said he saw a TicTa-shaped UFO appear over calm seas and rapidly accelerate to an altitude of 80,000 feet, even beyond the limits of military aircraft. He also said that Fravir managed to capture this moment in a video clip.

The holding of UFO hearings was prompted by claims that the US military was said to be conducting a secret program to covertly investigate UFOs. The US military and government are also accused of developing advanced technologies using diverted funds.

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