Foreign media participate in reporting fires in the Mount Bromo area: Okezone techno

FIRE occurred in the Teletubbies Hill area, Mount Bromo has recently received attention from foreign media. As is known from various sources, the fire, which had lasted since Friday (9.06.2023), could only be put out almost a week later, on Thursday (9.12.2023).

Unfortunately, the fire that devastated approximately 124 hectares of land was actually caused by activities that not many expected pre-wedding photo shoot. Because it has become commonplace for the Teletubbies Hill tourist area, Mount Bromo, to become a regular destination for photo shoots or similar activities.

Along with this news, foreign media Mashable also highlighted the cause of the unfortunate fire at Teletubbies Hill in the Mount Bromo area. Quoted from this page, they directly mentioned the cause of the fire caused by a carelessness in the pre-wedding photo shoot by inserting this as the title of their news.

Additionally, Mashable highlighted the use of flares in a pre-wedding photoshoot that ultimately resulted in the misfortune of burning for 5 days with a total of 124 acres of charred land remaining. As a result, a domino effect occurred, whereby Teletubbies Hill in the Mount Bromo area, which is a tourist location, had to close access to tourists.

But it doesn’t end there, Mashable also added another fact: the closure of several road accesses around the Mount Bromo area during the fire, one of which was the Malang-Lumajang-Malang road.

Finally, this media outlet concludes the discussion on the unfortunate fire in the Mount Bromo area with the investigation currently underway by the police against the affected couple and photographer.

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As reported by Okezone, the Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy, Sandiaga Uno, said his party coordinated with the police, Sukapura and the community to carry out the blackout and that the WO has been arrested and will be legally prosecuted .

“Again, this falls under the scope of Tengger Semeru National Park, so there must be regulations that have been set to be implemented. So don’t bore yourself with all parties involved in socializing these regulations, including tourism and creative actors so that CHSE standardization is not only about health, but also about safety – said Sandi.

In addition to flammable materials, the fire was also influenced by the warm climate in tropical areas due to storm El Nino. BMKG also predicted that the rainy season in Indonesia will only occur in November. (Then heal Sya’bana)

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